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The Cats Did It

It would seem, we have very talented cats…

Yesterday, when I was giving Matty his milk in the morning, John Philip walked in and said, “I thought that was you in the bathroom, Mommy.” (We have a window in our bathroom that opens up into the hallway where my scrapping corner is.)  I said, “I heard a clicking noise when I was in the bathroom and thought that was you.”

  • JP: It wasn’t me.  The cats were making the clicking noise.
  • Me: Really?
  • JP: Yeah, they were playing with your paper cutter thing.  They were lifting it up and letting it fall.
  • Me: Oh, ok. (At this point I was thinking how what he said might be possible.)

A couple of minutes later, JP is holding those orange strips of paper in the picture on the right and said, “See, the cats did this.”

  • Me: Oh, did they?
  • JP: Yeah.
  • Me: Are you sure you didn’t do it?  I don’t see how the cats could have done that.  It’s ok.  You can tell me the truth.
  • JP:  No, it wasn’t me.  It was the cats.
  • Me: Well, next time don’t cut my paper because I had other plans for it.
  • JP: But I didn’t do it.
  • Me:  That’s fine if you didn’t do, I’m just telling you that if you get any future ideas, don’t mess with the things on my desk.
  • JP: Ok.