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Two Years Ago Today…

Matty decided to make a dramatic appearance into this world.  He was very thoughtful and came on the one day and time of the week I was hoping for which was a Friday evening.  I was hoping for a Friday evening because John Philip would be with his dad and since the birthing center only kept patients there for less than 12 hours, we would be home in time for John Philip’s return.  However, Matty made it very clear that everything else was on his terms and instead of coming early like most 2nd born children, he made me wait 4 days past my due date.

And then, he decided to make his appearance quite suddenly because, I mean, really…why do something typical when you can do it with pizazz?  Brian and I went out to eat at our favorite Thai place and I had my usual drunken noodle dish.  Contractions were happening during most of the dinner, but this had been happening off and on for the past month so I didn’t think anything of it.  When they continued after dinner and after we got home, I thought this might possibly be for real and timed the contractions.  Unfortunately, they went from 6 minutes to 10 minutes so I thought it wasn’t quite time.

The contractions did feel different so I knew we were close, but thought that because of the increase in time between contractions it wasn’t time to call the midwife.  However, I had this sneaking feeling that Matty might come fast and realized if the Hypnobabies training we had spent time doing had any chance of working, I needed to start getting into that frame of mind.  So, I went upstairs to listen to one of the Hypnobabies tracks.  During those 30 minutes, the contractions were so strong that I started to panic.  I thought, “Oh my god, if they hurt this bad and I’m in the beginning stages of labor, how am I going to make it without drugs??”  I tried to lay down for a little bit after the CD when I realized that the contractions shifted to 30 second breaks.  I thought, “Crap, I don’t want to have Matty upstairs and be stuck.” So, somehow I managed to make it downstairs despite the fact that the contractions were intense and right on top of each other.

Shortly after I made it downstairs, my water broke.  Given how big Matty was when he was born (9lbs 1oz), I’m surprised at the amount of water that came out.  Anyhow, I tried to make a dash to the bathroom in between contractions because, well, I really needed to go.  Except that, Matty also decided it was time to appear at that moment.  I won’t go into more details except to say that Matty was born about 5 minutes later in our tiny, downstairs half bathroom at around 10:30pm.

So today, we celebrated the birthday of a little boy who loves to dance and sing; who is quite dramatic; who loves to climb and jump; who can be generous and thoughtful despite being in the midst of the terrible two’s; and who very much wants to be like his big brother.  We love you Matty!